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· 2 min read
Hannes Palmquist

Recently i published a new module PSDev with the purpose to group together a set of utility functions. Most of the functions are stand-alone and can be used independently of the module. The module is published to PSGallery for ease of access.

Install-Module PSDev -Scope CurrentUser

PSDev Module Docs

Function: Get-Office365IPURL

The first addition to the module is the Get-Office365IPURL and Test-Office365IPURL functions. These functions simplify the process of getting a list of firewall rules for a given set of services and troubleshoot communication issues.

Get-Office365IPURL is used to get a detailed list of the rules. The Office 365 website combines, protocol, port and type of openings. This function will expand these rules based on these attributes. See the example below.

Get-Office365IPURL -Services Exchange -Types IP4,URL | Where-Object {$_.Required -eq $true}

Group Service Type Protocol Port Endpoint Required
----- ------- ---- -------- ---- -------- --------
Exchange_TCP_25_IP Exchange IP4 TCP 25 True
Exchange_TCP_25_IP Exchange IP4 TCP 25 True
Exchange_TCP_25_IP Exchange IP4 TCP 25 True
Exchange_TCP_25_IP Exchange IP4 TCP 25 True
Exchange_TCP_443_IP Exchange IP4 TCP 443 True
Exchange_TCP_443_IP Exchange IP4 TCP 443 True
Exchange_TCP_25_URL Exchange URL TCP 25 * True

Get-Office365IPURL Docs

Function: Test-Office365IPURL

Test-Office365IPURL is used to test weather a IP address is included within the ipranges provided by Microsoft. This could be useful of the firewall logs shows that a connection to an IP adress is blocked and there is a need to verify if that IP belongs to the ranges provided by Microsoft. See the example below.

Test-Office365IPURL -IP | Where-Object {$_.ismember -eq $true} | Format-Table

RuleID ServiceArea TCPPort UDPPort Required Range Subject IsMember
------ ----------- ------- ------- -------- ----- ------- --------
46 Common 80,443 True True
64 Common 443 True True
65 Common 80,443 True True

Test-Office365IPURL Docs

· 4 min read
Hannes Palmquist

Below are all current recipient types. Please comment below if you miss an entry in any of the tables.


ACL able Mailbox UserACLableMailboxUser1073741824
Security Distribution GroupSecurityDistributionGroup1043741833
Equipment MailboxEquipmentMailbox8
Conference Room MailboxConferenceRoomMailbox7
Remote Mail UserRemoteMailUser6
Private Distribution ListPrivateDistributionList5
Dynamic Distribution GroupDynamicDistributionGroup3
Public FolderPublicFolder2
Distribution GroupDistrbutionGroup1
Mailbox UserMailboxUser0
Synced Universal Security Group as Universal Security GroupSyncedUSGasUSG-1073739511
ACL able Synced Universal Secuirty Group as ContactACLableSyncedUSGasContact-1073739514
ACL able Synced Remote Mail UserACLableSyncedRemoteMailUser-1073740282
ACL able Synced Mailbox UserACLableSyncedMailboxUser-1073741818
Synced Universal Security Group as ContactSyncedUSGasContact-2147481338
Synced Universal Security Group as Universal Distribution GroupSyncedUSGasUDG-2147481343
Synced Equipment MailboxSyncedEquipmentMailbox-2147481594
Synced Conference Room MailboxSyncedConferenceRoomMailbox-2147481850
Synced Remote Mail UserSyncedRemoteMailUser-2147482106
Synced Dynamic Distribution GroupSyncedDynamicDistributionGroup-2147482874
Synced Public FolderSyncedPublicFolder-2147483130
Synced Universal Distribution Group as ContactSyncedUDGasContact-2147483386
Synced Universal Distribution Group as Universal Distribution GroupSyncedUDGasUDG-2147483391
Synced Mailbox UserSyncedMailboxUser-2147483642


Team MailboxTeamMailbox137438953472
Remote Shared MailboxRemoteSharedMailbox34359738368
Remote Equipment MailboxRemoteEquipmentMailbox17179869184
Remote Equipment Mailbox (IncorrectValue)RemoteEquipmentMailbox17173869184
Remote Room MailboxRemoteRoomMailbox8589934592
Remote User Mailbox�����RemoteUserMailbox2147483648
Role GroupRoleGroup1073741824
Discovery MailboxDiscoveryMailbox536870912
Room ListRoomList268435456
Linked UserLinkedUser33554432
Mailbox PlanMailboxPlan16777216
Arbitration MailboxArbitrationMailbox8388608
Microsoft ExchangeMicrosoftExchange4194304
Disabled UserDisabledUser2097152
Non-Universal GroupNonUniversalGroup1048576
Universal Security GroupUniversalSecurityGroup524288
Universal Distribution GroupUniversalDistributionGroup262144
Cross-Forest Mail ContactMailForestContact32768
System MailboxSystemMailbox16384
System Attendant MailboxSystemAttendantMailbox8192
Public FolderPublic Folder4096
Dynamic Distribution GroupDynamicDistributionGroup2048
Mail-Enabled Universal Security GroupMailUniversalSecurityGroup1024
Mail-Enabled Non-Universal Distribution GroupMailNonUniversalGroup512
Mail-Enabled Universal Distribution GroupMailUniversalDistributionGroup256
Mail UserMailUser128
Mail ContactMailContact64
Equipment MailboxEquipmentMailbox32
Room MailboxRoomMailbox16
Legacy MailboxLegacyMailbox8
Shared MailboxSharedMailbox4
Linked MailboxLinkedMailbox2
User MailboxUserMailbox1


Migrated, SharedMailbox100
Migrated Equipment Mailbox68
Provisioned Equipment Mailbox65
Migrated Room Mailbox36
Provisioned Room Mailbox33
DeprovisionArchive, Migrated User Mailbox20
Migrated User Mailbox, ProvisionedArchive (Migrated MBX & Cloud Archive)6
Migrated User Mailbox4
Provisioned User Mailbox, Provisioned User Archive (Cloud MBX & Cloud Archive)3
ProvisionedArchive (Cloud Archive)2
Provisioned User Mailbox (Cloud MBX)1