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Get started

Start by initialize a new queue object

$Queue = Initialize-Queue

To add a new item to the queue use Add-QueueItem

Add-QueueItem -Queue $Queue -Item 'Foo'

To retreive the next item in queue use Get-NextQueueItem

$NextItemToProcess = Get-NextQueueItem -Queue $Queue

You can also "peek" at the next item in queue by using Show-NextQueueItem, the difference from Get-NextQueueItem is that the next item in queue is retreived but remains in the queue.

$NextItemInQueue = Show-NextQueueItem -Queue $Queue

You have two methods of emptying the queue, either by retreiving all items (Get-AllQueueItems) or by discarding all items (Clear-AllQueueItems)

# This will retreive all items and dequeue the items.
$AllRemainingQueueItems = Get-AllQueueItems -Queue $Queue
# This will also clear the queue but it does not return any items for the queue and is therefor faster
Clear-AllQueueItems -Queue $Queue

You can show performance metrics by using Measure-Queue

Measure-Queue -Queue $Queue