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Get started

Create one or more tables#

To get started we need to create a table

$DataTable = New-DataTable -TableName 'UsersTable'

Add columns to tables#

Next we need to add a few columns to the table. First we'll add a few plain columns. Secondly we will add a column with an expression. This expression concatinates firstname and lastname to a displayname. Last we will add a column that has a default value in case nothing is set.

Add-DataTableColumn -DataTable $DataTable -Names 'ID','FirstName','LastName'
Add-DataTableColumn -DataTable $DataTable -Names 'DisplayName' -Expression "[FirstName] + ' ' + [LastName]"
Add-DataTableColumn -DataTable $DataTable -Names 'DefaultTheme' -DefaultValue 'Blue'

Add rows to tables#

Now that we have a basic strucutre in our users table we can start to add rows. The Add-DataTableRow cmdlet accepts psobjects as input. The object should contains properties corresponding to columns in the DataTable.

$NewRow = [pscustomobject]@{
ID = 1
FirstName = 'Will'
LastName = 'Smith'
$NewRow | Add-DataTableRow -DataTable $DataTable

The content of the data table is now

$DataTable | Format-Table
ID FirstName LastName DisplayName DefaultTheme
-- --------- -------- ----------- ------------
1 Will Smith Will Smith Dark

Create a dataset#

In case several data tables are needed a data set can be created. A data set can be viewed as a container of data tables and provides a few extra capabilities like data table relations. To create a data set and add tables run the following commands.

$DataSet = New-DataSet
Add-DataSetTable -Dataset $Dataset -DataTable $DataTable