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What is pstools.dataset

This modules provides tools for interacting with .NET datasets from powershell. .NET 5.0 (and earlier) provides resource to work with data sets and tables. To make it easier to interact with the constructors, methods, properties, this module was developed to powershell-ify the syntax of working with these resources.

Why should I use DataSets and DataTables?#

Powershell provides built-in methods of managing data like; Arrays, Collections, Lists, HashTables, Dictionaries etc. They all have their use cases, strengths and weaknesses. One of the weeknesses that all of them suffers from is managing very large data structures and the resulting resource utilization and performance limitations.

When working with datatables with let's say 20 000 items and 60 properties each the methods above will turn really slow and quite possible make the powershell host reach the memory limit. (Default 2048 MB for v5).

Obviously a SQL server or similar would be a good candidate to store such data sets but it is not always possible and sometimes you are forces to manage large data sets in memory.

The best way of handling these large data sets that I found was the .NET datasets and datatables. That is the reason why this module was born. This module is a wrapper for these .NET classes.